60th Anniversary Celebration

Tue, 01/15/2019 - 15:47
by Kristine Maier

The 2018 Executive Board would like to say THANK YOU for a wonderful year of meetings, events and networking.


We wanted share pictures and comments from our 60th Celebration held November 8th. It was a wonderful event to celebrate the success of our chapter since being formally recognized in 1958.


Meredia and I enjoyed the 60th birthday. It was great to fellowship with all the CPCUs and other past presidents. Great food and program.               Thanks again,Steve Wheeler


I so enjoyed our celebration last night.  The camaraderie demonstrates why the Mid Tennessee Chapter is so effective in supporting the Society's goal to support and promote insurance professionals.                Past President, Kathy Napier


Loved this event - it was great to see so many leaders who have impacted this chapter through the years. Rob Wilson gave a vibrant presentation about recognizing when you are part of a group that has dominance over others.  And he did it ways we could all relate to.  Great speaker!  Uncle Julio's did a wonderful job taking care of us.  The food was great, and it was a great opportunity to reconnect with chapter members I have not seen in a while.      Kim McCollom

Was so great to be with everyone Thursday night at our CPCU event!  The speaker was awesome and the food was delicious!  So enjoyed hearing the past Presidents sharing their comments on the impact CPCU has had on their careers and the lifelong friendships made along the way.                                 Past President Roy Boyd

I'd like to express my deep felt thanks.  I had the opportunity to meet several past presidents for the first time and to spend time visiting with other members that I hadn't seen in a while. the food and drinks were fantastic, and the speaker was entertaining and thought provoking.  Very Well Done!         Past President Patricia Fouts

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