Legacy Award

Tue, 05/21/2019 - 12:41

Legacy Award


The Mid TN CPCU Society Chapter Legacy Award was established in 2015 and recognizes individuals for their immense and exemplary service to the insurance industry and to our Chapter. Among other items considered, three key words describe the recipients of this prestigious award as chosen by that year’s Board of Directors: Commitment, Honor and Integrity. While many commit to service, few demonstrate the level of commitment those bestowed this award have shown.  It is the Chapter’s honor to recognize them by presenting each with an award that will forever honor their dedication.

Past recipients of this award as are follows:


2015                       Billy L. Akin

2016                       John O. Eubank

2017                       William C. Wilson, Jr.

2018                       James R. Mahurin

2019                       Kathy Napier

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